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A success path to support teachers

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020
Do you sometimes feel a little bit lost in your teaching career? Maybe you feel like you are ready for a new challenge, but are not too sure what the best next step is for you? Maybe you want to expand your teaching practice in order to maximise your impact, but with all of the different information and advice out there on the internet, you’re not too sure what to focus on? 
Or maybe you are just soooo busy with the day-to-day tasks that teaching involves, just struggling to keep your head above water, that you don’t have any time to even think about your long-term goals or how you could be progressing your career. 
Or, have you ever participated in professional development, and finished with every intention of implementing what you have learnt, only to have had weeks gone by without doing anything, simply because there wasn’t any support or accountability provided for you? 
I can honestly and openly say that all of this has applied to me throughout my teaching career. It’s hard to focus on the future when it’s all you can do just to keep up with the present. And if you don’t have someone guiding, coaching or mentoring you, then it’s even harder. 
This is a problem that I feel is is true for many teachers. Whilst I was pondering what the best way of providing support to teachers could be, I created what I call the ‘Transformational Teachers Success Path’. 
What the success path does is provide clarity, direction and focus for teachers that want to advance their teaching practice and their careers. It provides a way of measuring progress, so that you know exactly where you are, where you want to get to, and what the next best step is for you to focus on. I’ll give a bit of an overview of what’s involved in each of the stages of the success path in this article, but you can get more detail on it by watching the video here
The success path is designed to take someone who is at any point in their teaching career, and give them the support, skills and strategies that they need in order to super-charge their career trajectory, and maximise their impact on their students' outcomes. 
Depending on your level of experience, you may move through some of the beginning stages quite quickly, but even if you are very experienced you are sure to find value in every single stage. 
Stage 1 is called the ‘Intentional Go-Getter’ - here we lay the foundations for your success. We work on cultivating a growth mindset, goal-setting, action plans and establishing a presence within the teaching community. 
Stage 2 is the ‘Efficient Operator’ - this is all about optimising your productivity and managing your workload and stress levels. By doing this, you will move through the following stages with more ease and a reasonable work/life balance. 
Stage 3 is the ‘Effective Educator’ - here we learn about the best pedagogical practices for establishing a positive learning environment and achieving the best outcomes for your students. By the time you finish this stage you will have a range of teaching and assessment strategies in your toolkit to cater for different learning needs and preferences. 
Stage 4 is the ‘Innovative Explorer’ - in this stage we start refining, experimenting and exploring with more advance teaching strategies. We also work on implementing important 21st century skills and strategies for getting students excited about learning. 
Stage 5 is the ‘Meaningful Conductor’ - just like the conductor of an orchestra, we are bringing everything together in order to see the big picture and make deep connections, so that we can create powerful and meaningful learning experiences for our students. 
Stage 6 is the ‘Inspirational Influencer’ - here you are an inspiration to your students and your colleagues. You are pursuing your interests and passions with more focus, seeking opportunities and challenges to expand your impact. You are sharing your experience and skills with your colleagues to help them with their teaching practice. 
Stage 7 is the ’Transformational Thought-Leader’ - in this final stage you are expanding your sphere of influence and establishing yourself as a thought-leader within your chosen niche. Leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills are of importance here as we help you to further expand your impact and create transformational change. 
As I said, this is a very brief overview. The success path is a very detailed, carefully planned, comprehensive framework that is sure to maximise your impact and help you to lead a fulfilling and inspirational teaching career. 
If you are interested in being coached and guided through this success path within a community of like-minded inspirational teaches, then you should take a look at the Transformational Teachers Academy. It’s a monthly membership where you can access professional development designed to meet you at your point of need to help you fast-track your progress and become laser focused. You’ll also be able to participate in challenges and group coaching calls where you will be supported in implementing what you have learnt, along with having the opportunity to work through any issues or obstacles that you may be facing. 
Doors only open a few times a year, so go here to put your name on the waitlist so that you can be notified when they open next. 

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