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Reflecting on the year that was 2020

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2020
“We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey
The importance of reflection cannot be understated. In order to continue growing and evolving, and to move forward with purpose, intent and understanding into the future, it's necessary to reflect on the past - including what we have accomplished, the mistakes we have made, the lessons we have learnt, the new understandings we have come to, and the extent to which we have changed and evolved.
When doing so, it's important to keep your goals and values for the year in top of mind. Look back at the goals that you set at the beginning of the year, and your mission statement. Did you take action throughout 2020 that was in alignment with your goals, values and mission?
With 2020 being the year that it was, it may also be somewhat amusing to look back at your goals that you set at the beginning of the year, when you had no clue what 2020 had in store!
So set aside half an hour or so, and ask yourself these questions to get you thinking:
  • How did you react to challenging situations this year? 
  • Did you step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself? In what ways?
  • Were there any obstacles or barriers that you encountered that made it difficult to achieve your goals? What were they and how did you go about overcoming them?
  • In what ways did you grow or transform?
  • What was something new that you learnt about yourself?
  • What did you create or achieve?  
  • What did you learn about the relationships that you have with colleagues and students?
  • What were the 3 biggest highlights?
  • What were your 3 biggest realisations/ lessons? 
  • What are you most proud of? 
  • What are you most grateful for? 
  • Did you achieve any goals that you set at the beginning of the year? Did your goals change and if so, why? 
After you have contemplated these questions, summarise your year with a few key words or a short sentence.
For myself, I was very excited for 2020 and had big plans for it, some of which I have brought into fruition, and others that didn't quite make it. My word for the year was 'visible' - by this, I meant that I wanted to be more visible in terms of my mission and what I wanted to provide to teachers - which this year, has been my membership, the Transformational Teachers Academy. I'm pretty happy with what I have achieved, and I feel very grateful to now be able to provide this service to teachers all over Australia, so that they can access coaching and support where ever they are, whenever they need it. To to this however, I have had to be much more proactive in order to get the word out. This has challenged me in some ways, but overall I feel like I have progressed in the right direction.
If I had to sum up my 2020 in a few words it would be 'taking flight' - ironic considering it was the year of the lockdown, but I guess everything comes down to how you perceive it.
Let me know how you summarised the year that was 2020!
Kelly :) 
PS. If you would like coaching and support in setting goals in order to fulfil your potential and passions as a teacher, you should consider joining us in the Transformational Teachers Academy. Doors only open a few times a year though, so make sure you put your name on the waitlist so that you are the first to be notified. 
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