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For teachers who...

  • Believe in the importance of on-going professional growth and development 
  • Would like independent and supportive coaching and advice
  • Want to be part of a positive professional learning community 
  • Would like personalised professional development that meets you at your point of need
  • Want to create meaningful and inspirational learning experiences for your students, with an emphasis on 21st century skills

Designed to...

  • Coach you through a comprehensive success path to maximise your impact
  • Support and guide you to master your mindset, manage your workload, and progress your career
  • Be self-paced and support you at your point of need 
  • Help you to get clarity on your mission as a teacher and your individual career path

Get access to...

Professional Learning

Access a wide range of professional development sessions and resources, designed to help you move through the success path. New sessions are released every month.


Start connecting and collaborating with like-minded teachers. Share ideas and find support, motivation and inspiration. 

Coaching calls

Every month we talk through any questions that you have or challenges that you are facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are someone who wants to make a positive impact on your students' lives, then this membership is right for you, no matter what subject or year that you teach, or what level of experience you have. You will be supported at your point of need. 

This membership will be very useful for beginner teachers in their first few years of teaching. However, the success path is designed to progress a teacher from beginner, all the way through to advanced/ master teacher. No matter your level of experience, you will find value within all of the stages. 

We are very mindful of the full schedule teachers already have. This membership is designed to enhance and support the teaching experience as needed. Teachers can progress through the stages at their own pace, according to their individual goals and needs. A huge benefit of this membership is being able to access coaching and support whenever teachers feel like they need it. 

Each month when you have completed the professional development sessions you will be emailed a record of professional learning, aligned with the AITSL standards.

This is a group coaching experience. You will be supported within a community of like-minded teachers, and coached through professional development sessions and live coaching calls. 

Everyone is welcome, and you are sure to find value in the membership, no matter where you come from. All materials will be presented in English, within an Australian context. All records of professional learning will be aligned to the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers where relevant. 

The topics covered are very relevant to both primary and secondary teachers, and will help all kinds of teachers in any subject area. 

When you join the membership, you will be given instant access to the online portal, where you can view the content immediately. You will also become a member of the online community, where you can join other like-minded teachers and inspire each other along the way. Every month new professional development will be released, along with monthly coaching sessions. 

You will be able to access the materials for as long as you remain a member.

No, definitely not!  Whilst we would be sorry to say goodbye, you can choose to leave the membership at any time, and we will wish you all the best on finding the right path for you.

You can be assured that if you choose to rejoin we will welcome you back with open arms! 

In Australia (and most likely many other places around the world), the cost of this membership is a valid tax deduction that you can claim, if you (the individual teacher) are bearing the cost. If your school is paying on behalf of you, then you cannot claim it. 

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us to discuss further. 

Many of the concepts and topics that we cover over the coming months within the membership are directly relevant to the AITSL standards. The goal setting and action planning sessions that we complete, along with the support, guidance and motivation that you will find in the membership will also help you with this process. 

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