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Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020
I’m so excited to share with you something that I have been working on for quite a while now. 
I started Future Focused Teaching & Learning for a couple of main reasons. The first was that I wanted to continue making an impact on the world, and contribute towards creating better outcomes for our students, as well as future generations. The second was that I wanted to find a way to help as many teachers as I can, because I know what a challenging and demanding job teaching can be. The fact that 1 in 3 teachers quit within their first 5 years is testament to the fact that there is a huge lack of support out there. So many teachers unfortunately become run down, burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated, disillusioned, or a bit lost along the way. 
My first year of teaching was pretty tough (if you want to read more about it, go here), but no doubt very similar to what thousands of other first year teachers go through. The experience of first year teachers and the amount of support that they get is very dependent on where they are working. Whilst things definitely got easier as the years went by, I still encountered various challenges throughout my career, and it would have been so useful to have a coach or mentor that I could turn to in these times for guidance, support or a different perspective. 
So, I have created the resource that I wish that I could have had access to throughout my career - something that I truly believe will be a game-changer for so many teachers out there. 
It’s called the Transformational Teachers Academy. It’s a monthly membership, that will provide online coaching and guidance to teachers who want to maximise their impact and lead inspirational teaching careers, within a supportive and safe environment. The beauty of this, is that it is designed to meet you at your point of need, as I have created a unique, comprehensive success path that helps to differentiate where you are at on your teaching journey. You can move through the success path at your own pace, and you can access coaching and support whenever you feel like you need it the most. 
It will also help you to design a career path of your own choosing. So often we get caught up in the business of day-to-day teaching, and sometimes our long-term view becomes a bit lost. I will help you to set goals and to determine where your strengths and interests lay, so that you can start pursuing more opportunities that will help you to super-charge your career trajectory. 
As you know, teachers are required to do professional development to keep their registration, and I’m sure you have had both good and bad experiences with PD. The problem with a lot of PD is that it is usually a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and there is little support given in the actual implementation of it. The Transformational Teachers Academy however provides this support to help you implement what you have learnt, as well as the differentiation according to what stage of the success path you are at. 
Having been teaching in Australia since 2006, and with a range of experience across the education industry (public, private and Catholic), including leadership positions, adult education, and mentoring roles, I have a wealth of experience to share with you. I will also be interviewing various experts on specific topics to share with you. 
As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to provide this resource for you all. I will be doing a founding members launch very soon - what this means, is that if you choose to join during this time you will be a part of building something special for teachers just like you, and witness it come to life. You will become an original Transformational Teacher and help to build an inspiring community of like-minded teachers. 
If this is something that appeals to you, I have a special offer that you might like to know about. Go here to find out all of the details 🙂 
I’ll be opening the doors to the membership within the next couple of weeks, and they will only be open for a short time. In fact, I’m only planning on opening the doors a few times a year, so that I can focus on providing the best support I can within the membership, rather than spending time spreading the word. I would hate for you to miss out though, so make sure you put your name on the waitlist so that you will be the first to be notified when the doors open. 
In the meantime, make sure you grab my new free guide, 'Seven Secrets of Inspirational Teachers'. It details some top insider tips that I'm sure you will want to learn more about. 
If you have any questions at all, please send me an email at [email protected] 
All the best, 
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